Is “dog breath” normal?

dog-dental-e1385759625650Is “dog breath” normal?

It often surprises pet owners that their pets need to have their teeth cared for and that their dog’s breath isn’t normal.  Brushing their pet’s teeth seems so foreign and many people never consider it.  As our pets age, their teeth build up tartar.  For humans it is recommended that we go to the dentist every 6 months to have our teeth cleaned and evaluated.  In our practice we examine your pet’s mouth each time they come in for an exam, so we can stay ahead of any potential problems.  On average, pets over the age of 3 need to have their teeth cleaned on an annual basis, with some needing it every 6 months.

Periodontal disease can be seen in pets as young as 9 months of age, so it is important to have your pet evaluated yearly.  The question is often asked of why some pets would develop dental problems at an early age and others seem to have perfectly healthy teeth.  Small breed dogs are more prone to developing early dental disease than their large breed counterparts.  Small mouths are often overcrowded.  Overcrowded teeth tend to entrap bacteria and debris, Continue…