Laser Therapy for your companion?

BriscaA guest post by Lynne Heinicke:

“My beloved German Shepherd, Briska has suffered with age related problems.  She is 14 yrs and 7 months old as I write this.  It was very hard for her to get up and down.  Dr. Bryant Phillips suggested Companion Laser Therapy.  After her FIRST treatment, it was like a light went on.  She was feeling so much better!  She was able to get up and down with less effort.  She enjoys her Laser treatments and they have truly improved her quality of life.  I highly recommend the Companion Laser.  Briska and I are grateful to Cleveland Park Animal Hospital of Travelers Rest for sharing this pain management therapy with us.”

Have you been considering Laser Therapy for your beloved companion?  Here are the top 10 beneficial biological effects of the Companion Therapy Laser system:

1. Relieves Pain

2. Reduces Inflammation

3. Accelerates Tissue Repair and Cell Growth

4. Improves Circulation

5. Increases Cellular Metabolic Activity

6. Reduces Fibrous Tissue Formation

7. Improves Nerve Function

8. Accelerates Wound Healing

9. Stimulations Immunoregulation

10. Stimulates Acupuncture and Trigger Points

Companion Class IV Laser Therapy is the application of red and infrared light over any anatomical area to improve and augment wound/soft tissue healing and promote relief for both acute and chronic pain. The Companion Laser has a photochemical and biochemical effect on cells. This differs from the heating or photothermal effect that surgical lasers have on cells. The pleasant warmth that is felt during application is the laser light stimulating the individual cells own physiological processes. Simply stated, these photons stimulate each individual cell to revitalize and reactivate its own healing processes through a biochemical cascade of events.

What you can expect?

For laser therapy to be successful, it needs to be aggressive. We have established an introductory buddle that provides 2 weeks of intensive rehabilitation to damaged tissues. Three treatments will be scheduled during the first week. This can be consecutive days, or every other day as pet owner’s schedule permits. During the second week, the remaining 3 treatments will be preformed. After the first 6 sessions, the patient moves into a maintenance plan that is entirely dependent on your pet’s need. Some patients need a follow-up laser session monthly, and other pets may only require maintenance doses every 6-8 weeks.

Our laser treatments are administered in a quiet room, with lights dimmed in an environment conducive to healing. A blanket or soft bed is provided. While some pets prefer to stand during sessions, most relax, lie down and often fall asleep.

Optical exposure to direct or indirect laser light should be totally avoided. For this reason, protective eyewear will be provided for every patient and pet owner.

When is Laser therapy NOT indicated?

Laser light should not be administered to the following situations:

1. Pregnant females or over the testicular region of males

2. Areas of Hemorrhage

3. Regions of Melanoma or Sarcoma (Neoplasia of any kind)

4. Heart Disease (avoid using the laser over the cardiac region)

5. Patients that are currently taking photosensitive medications such as tetracycline or griseofulvin.

The Companion Therapy Laser system provides a non-invasive modality that initiates numerous physiological and biological processes.  In summary, it stimulates the animal to heal itself!