What is AAHA Accreditation?


What is AAHA? Most people don’t know what AAHA stands for or why it is important. AAHA is an acronym for the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA Accreditation) .  This association, started in 1933, is a governing body that sets standards and provides guidelines to regulate the level of care that you can expect from your veterinarian.  Compliance with AAHA standards is strictly a voluntary process.
Any veterinary hospital can pay annual dues and join the American Animal Hospital  Association.  In order to become AAHA accredited your hospital has to be evaluated on and meet the standards of the organization.  There are 900 standards which cover every area of your hospital and the way you practice. These standards were developed to act as a benchmark to measure excellence in veterinary medicine.  There are approximately 3200 (top 15%) of all veterinary hospitals in the United States and Canada that are currently AAHA accredited.